Thriving Together...Share, Study, Support, Serve

Thrive in Every Season of Life. What a great theme for God’s people! Over the last several months, Debi Lydic and I have been working together to ensure that the women of Valley Church have every opportunity to not just ‘exist’, but to ‘thrive’.

Valley Church has offered Sunday morning Life Groups (formerly ABFs) for many years. In the Fall of 2012, we began offering what we call ‘Weekday Life Groups’. These are small groups that meet in people’s homes and at the church on various nights of the week.

Between our Sunday morning, mid-sized groups and our Weekday small groups, Valley Church can offer Life Groups to a wide range of people based on their preferences, wiring and schedules. Life Groups at Valley Church are small churches where we cultivate authentic Christian relationships by living out God’s Word together. So, when someone gets into a Life Group, they enter into a sacred space

When our Life Groups meet, they are meeting on the foundation of God’s Word. As a result, the Holy Spirit tends to do some pretty unique and amazing things in these groups. In the midst of what may at times seem mundane, something supernatural happens when God knits the hearts of His people together as they seek Him.

You may be asking, “What do people do in their Life Groups?” Life Groups do four essential things, SHARE, STUDY, SUPPORT, SERVE.

SHARE: Life Groups are places where we share our lives with one another. We get to know one another and we show up in each other’s lives.

STUDY: In Life Groups we study the Word of God with the goal of life transformation,not just the accumulation of knowledge.

SUPPORT: Some of the most meaningful ministry that happens at Valley Church happens in our Life Groups. We come alongside one another with prayer and tangible acts of love and service during good times and bad.

SERVE: Life Groups are intentional about serving the Body of Christ and the community outside the church. There’s something special about serving others, but that ‘specialness’ is intensified when we serve with the people in our Life Groups.

Since a large percentage of Valley Church attenders are married with children, we have many ‘traditional’ Life Groups that serve couples and families. We are also growing in the area of ‘non-traditional’ Life Groups. Here are some of the non-traditional Life Groups we now offer:

Young Adult, Singles, Single Again, Single-Mom’s, Multi-life stage (age, gender, marital status), Multi-life stage Women, Financial Peace University and Christianity Explored.

I would like to highlight two of these groups and tell you a bit more about them.

We’ve just started a Life Group for women of all life stages led by a woman named Sheri Neet. Here’s a description of her group which will meet on Sunday evenings.

                                                                                           Sheri Neet

                                                                                           Sheri Neet

Have you ever felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole?  Well…this group might be just what you’re looking for.  It will be a group for women of all life-stages and backgrounds coming together to share a meal and share life.  We will study God’s word, as well as pray, encourage and walk this journey together.   Sheri is the mother of 3 grown daughters and Nana to 2 precious granddaughters.  She has been at Valley since 2012 and has a passion to encourage and support other women. Sheri warmly invites you to join this Life Group.

This past Spring, we started a Single Mom’s group. Of all the Life Groups at Valley, I think this group is one of our sweetest victories. Here’s a description of the group which meets on Wednesday evenings:

                                                                                      Jennifer and Tara

                                                                                      Jennifer and Tara

This Single Moms Life Group is for women of all ages who are looking to find rest, hope, and encouragement in a Christ-centered environment. This group provides the opportunity to share the ups and downs of single parenthood while developing meaningful, supportive relationships. Jennifer is mom to two rowdy boys. She loves writing, running, cooking and working with kids. Tara enjoys reading, traveling and playing outside with her two girls. Both are working, single moms who are excited about connecting with other moms who can relate.

I’d like to conclude with an ‘ask’. Debi and I are looking for folks to join us in ministering to our single moms. Contact Debi or me if you:

·         Have a heart for single mom’s

·         Can bring a meal on Wednesday evenings

·         Want to mentor a single mom

                                                                                      Pastor Bryan Host

·         Can connect these moms with someone who can do home & car repair projects

·         Aren’t sure what you want to do but just want to help out . . .

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Bryan Host